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Our RESTful API provides everything you need to integrate Digital Badges that recognise and promote learning engagement in your own platform.

What are digital badges?

Digital Badges are a smart, visual way of recognising learning and skills.

They are created by organisations, then issued to individuals who can share and display them online.

About the Navigatr API

Navigatr's API is designed to enable third parties to integrate digital badges and pathways into their solution.

Our public API is accessible at Refer to the documentation for a list of endpoints and parameters.

Most endpoints are only available while logged in with a bearer token. See the Authentication topic for details.


  • A RESTful API exchanging data using JSON requests and responses.
  • Requests must be sent with Content-Type: application/json
  • Only accessible over HTTPS for security.


Some fields use strings, but are required to conform to a schema. For example, a badge type needs to be one of Badge_Type.

Terms of Service

By using Navigatr API, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

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